Monday, 20 December 2010


Love in a Cab

<a href="" target="_new" title="Channel U Feature Film: Love in a Cab">Video: Channel U Feature Film: Love in a Cab</a>

Fans of Singaporean Director Han Yew Kwang's recent slate of romance-comedies, his latest telemovie "Love in a Cab" is now available online on xinmsn. I believe this should be good news for those who've previously missed it due to hectic schedule.

Starring Joanne Peh and Julian Hee, this light-hearted romance story between them takes place over a long span of ten years. Trying to find a cab is like trying to find love. When you don't need one, there are always a lot around. But when you need one, you can never find any around.

In short, I think the chemistry between Peh and Hee is really effective as their characters grow within us as the film progresses. Joanne Peh has performed well here and I think she's such a delight to watch. We may post our detailed opinion of this telemovie, so do stay anchored.

Han Yew Kwang's other film project "When Hainan Meets Teochew" has also met with critical acclaim during its recent run in Singapore, you may also like to read our opinion here.

Do watch "Love in a Cab" in the above video player and share your thoughts of it!

*Clip is unfortunately made available only for Singapore viewers

(Photography credit due: 18g Pictures)


  1. Joanne Peh looks lovely, definitely will check her in this telemovie.

  2. the movie can't be played at your current location...:S

    maybe because I'm living in Malaysia.. :P

  3. Oh my, I'm so sorry about that! I didn't know that the clip is region-restrictive.

  4. Hey I'm not sure if it is not available to all other areas besides Singapore. You guys might want to click on the player to give it a try perhaps? Just in case it is made viewable for your area.

    Sorry for the hassle! =X


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