Thursday, 9 December 2010

Match Made in Heaven

In our modern society today, love has been pretty much more complex in nature and thus leading to the highly-famed availability status termed "it's complicated".

It is true that in modern context, love has ventured into various possible forms in acceptance by people. For instance, we have a rise in relationships where the lady is a few years ahead in age in contrast to her male partner, which is considered a taboo some years back.

When you tell a friend that you're heading to the gas station, your friend automatically assumes in conviction that you're really just going to top up your gas tank. You could just be heading there to grab a chilled drink from the gas station convenience store or simply hitting the restrooms, these are after all possibilities that people don't seem to explore.

What today's featured short film will like to achieve is to challenge the boundaries of people's perception of love, as it urges people to take up a wider vantage point in order for the society to attain liberal maturity as a whole. Due to the potential sensitivity the issue is at hand, what better ways to discuss this than adopting a light-hearted genre to get people relaxed and in a better position to widen their horizons.

Produced by J-SON Concept, this marks my debut short film that attempts to highlight the theme of predetermination. Some affairs in life are already decided before everything else and we really need to learn how to embrace them instead of dismissing in disgust. After all, predetermined affairs really do not enjoy the luxury of choice in the first place. It's just like how you're born a caucasian or of an oriental race, you simply can't do anything but to accept yourself for who you are and hopefully gaining similar from the people around you.

Frode (Gunnar Haugestaul) is a Norwegian who visits Singapore and Joan (Zhang Wenlin) is a native Singaporean who's been out of touch with relationships for a long time. They visit a Match-making agency in seek of a better life due to certain issues that they do not feel comfortable tackling under the public's eyes.

All they are looking for, is simply happiness.

Something that everyone is fundamentally entitled to, all you have to do is to reach out for it with courage having the rest of us render our support and blessings. If only we are living in an ideal world of such, but alas we are not.

Being an experimental film project, it is likely that it will not gather positive opinions under critique as there's certain heaps of improvement that can be done. Completed under hectic schedules and constraints, I'd only wish for more time and resources to come up with better.

Nevertheless, I'd like to hear any comments from you. Be it encouragement or criticism, I warmly welcome any!

With that, enjoy my 3 minutes of elementary film-making.

*Special thanks to Objectifs & Lionel

(Click here to view the 50 seconds trailer for this short film released previously)


  1. Nice music & editing.. ;) what program u use??

    But..I dont really understand the :P

  2. @JEMSEN Thanks for your comments! I used Final Cut Pro for the editing. Yes, I think it might be due to the ambiguous screenwriting. Will improve on this for my future projects. =)


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