Thursday, 9 December 2010

Merry Christmas, Oslo

Christmas is nigh! In just a couple of weeks' time the spirit of festivity shall embrace you with warmness amidst the chilling winter. Just to spread the generosity of caring and sharing as we all do during Christmas, here's a short clip to share with you.

Shot it in Oslo, Norway nearing Christmas Day last year, I've made it into something of a festive theme that I can share with every body around. Totally caught without a tripod and physically shivering without sufficient insulation, it has resulted in somewhat mediocre results with the significant handheld shaking and inconsistent focal racking. So kindly forgive this clip for its lacklustre technical qualities and immerse yourself in the content instead!

SON:sation wishes all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy 2011 ahead!


  1. You went to Oslo, Norway??

    cool!! ;D

  2. @JEMSEN Thank you so much! Yes, I was in Oslo the second half of last year. Glad that you enjoyed the clip :)


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