Friday, 24 December 2010

The Night Before

This is my debut Christmas single inspired by an urban Christmas Eve night out in Singapore. In reminiscence of the multi-cultural aspect of the tropical island nation, it comprises a range of music genre as the track progresses.

Here's a brief introductory guide to the track:

"The Night Before" starts off with the arrival of the Christmas season, as you suddenly realise that it's already Christmas Eve. Heading out to town for a great time partying with friends, you experience youthful vigour and vibes as the ecstasy lingers until sometime after midnight. This is when you start to nurse the fatigue induced from all the dance floor action at a twilight cosy lounge with a Martini or two, where the night turns sexy and alluring.

Taking things easy at this hour, sentimentalism begins to surge within you as the idea of celebrating yet another Christmas feels somewhat mixed and nostalgic. On the journey home in a cab, all the memories begin to jog through your tipsy mind and you cannot help but feel blessed that you're able to enjoy such quality company every Christmas Eve.

Before hitting the sacks for the night, joyous satisfaction shivers throughout your weary body as you enter dreamland in savoury memory of,

The Night Before.

Enjoy a wonderful Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas to one and all.


  1. Merry Christmas and happy holidays, J-Son! May your holiday be magical and your blessings be many!

  2. The track is psychadelic, jazzy, oriantal, chill out ...and pretty incredible! I loved it!

  3. @Jaccstev Merry Christmas to you too! Read that you're getting married, congratulations! This Christmas will mean a lot more to you ;)

    @Nebular Thank you George, I made it with some free time and I'm glad that it's likeable to you! Merry Christmas to you! =D


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