Saturday, 18 December 2010

Sucker Punch - Featurette

From the Director of "Watchmen" and "300", Zack Snyder brings us yet another fantasy action thriller that will definitely add to your must-watch list of films in 2011.

Starring Emily Browning and Abbie Cornish, Sucker Punch's about a girl who's trapped by her evil stepfather, Synder devises an alternate reality in aid for her to break out of her caged asylum.

Featuring a saturated amount of CG visual effects and hyper-cool fantasy stylish sequences, this will definitely appeal to all of us who've always felt repressed by some restraining norms in the society. It's a self-fulfilling feature film that will set people free by means of our imaginations, where we control our very own fascinations.

Definitely one of the most promising films of 2011.

Sucker Punch opens in cinemas 24 March 2011.


  1. You know what J-son, I became completely obsessed with "Sucker Punch" the minute I saw its Comic Con teaser. I've posted 3 articles about it so far (first look; first teaser and 5 short clips). And now, it's my most anticipated movie of 2011. I absolutely worship Zack Snyder as a filmmaker - he's a unique visionary director!

  2. George, I've seen your articles on Sucker Punch and that's how I got excited over this. This post is to help spread the love/awareness for this film coming next March.

    Yes Snyder has produced really great films, I love both 300 and Watchmen!

  3. I did too. Oh, and let's not forget the underrated Legend of the Guardians, which is the most visually-fascinating animation I've ever seen. Thank you for sharing my excitement over Sucker Punch ;)


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