Sunday, 12 December 2010

Tron: Legacy [Editor's Note]

Caught in a recent tight space of freedom as I'm really supposed to be taking a break away from the editor's desk until the week of 20 December, but here I am for a couple of reasons up my sleeve. I really miss everything back here.

There's also this other big agenda for today, as we gear up for one of the biggest cinematic event of the Holiday season! Disney's "Tron: Legacy" officially commences screening worldwide this coming 16 December. I'll be at the premiere on 13 December and (of course) will not forget to render an opinion of our Flick of the Week. Hit me with a Light Disc if I do.

This month's title refresh at The Picturehouse will be "Facing Ali", a documentary on the three-time world heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali. I'm bringing my ear muffs along to this film just in case it proves to be extremely inspirational for its audience.

A brief highlight on the current ongoing TheMovie411 Movie Blog Awards that will be ending its online polling phase this coming 14 December. So do place a vote with us or any of the other fantastic movie sites/bloggers as you fancy if you have not already done so.

For your consideration, vonYvonneCineMarvellous, Movie Cafe, Alex J.Cavanaugh, Action Flick Chick, Hollywood Spy are some of the quality options for you to perform mouse clicks on. SON:sation is nominated for the Best Newcomer Award category and you may proceed here to render a vote for us.

Also, check out the Award Buzz feature on us and the other nominees here! With special thanks to Dempsey for his wonderful effort! Albeit having tons of ink left in my pen, I'll have to lift it off the editor's desk for now and bide goodbye.

Other films releasing this week are "Time Traveller" and "Go Find a Psychic!".


  1. Really looking forward to Tron, I too will see it this week. And thanks for the mention there, very nice of you. I genuinly wish you the best of luck in the Bets Newcomer award, its so close even I'm biting my nails everyday.

  2. AHA! I've just checked and it's INDEED a close call! O.O I've just watched Tron: Legacy and shall be sharing some thoughts on it in a moment. Meantime I shall wait till 16th (or is it 17th?) before wishing you a Happy Birthday! =)


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