Friday, 10 December 2010

Tron: Legacy - Get On The Grid

With the highly anticipated Disney's Tron: Legacy slated for wide release in a week's time, you're probably eager for time to fly so as to witness for yourself Kevin Flynn's digital realm creation. Let's try to help some of you out with an interesting feature app that I've chanced upon on the World Wide Web.

Before we begin, you'll have to log into your Facebook account and like the Tron SG Fanpage:

After you do that, click on the "Applications" tab as shown below:

Upon which, you'll land on the main Applications page showing all three different fun apps - Photo Booth, Get On The Grid, Tron Arena:

Being film lovers, we can't wait to be part of the Tron: Legacy. So let's select "Get On The Grid" that allows us to be featured in a starring role to get ourselves some movie action:

Click on START and you will then be prompted to upload and edit your face for the setup. You may choose to do so either via webcam, native file upload, or Facebook photos:

Just for the fun of it, I'm going to use the WEBCAM feature for a higher sense of realism. Sporting some random expression, I hope it might aid in fitting into the clip later on. There's some guidelines on proper photo imagery for achieving the best results at the bottom left corner as well. You may take as many times as you wish, until you're fully satisfied. Upon which, you may click on CONTINUE.

Your uploaded image will then be processed for the generation of the final video clip.

Once it's ready you may view it and subsequently choose to post it on your Facebook wall or download the clip in .mov format. Check out my clip here:

Hope you'll have fun with the Tron: Legacy Facebook Applications like I did!

Tron: Legacy opens in Singapore cinemas on both 2D and 3D formats 16 December.


  1. the trailer.. ;)

    so, must use webcam & record ?

  2. Hey JEMSEN, you may upload your own photos if you like too but I've played around with it and it seems like the best effect is achieved when you use the webcam as it's more accurate in mapping your facial features onto their clip.

    Give it a try and maybe you can share your clip too! :)


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