Tuesday, 18 January 2011

SHAOLIN [Editor's Note]

Leading the upcoming festive Chinese New Year season is the arrival of Hong Kong Superstar Andy Lau in Singapore for the promotion of Director Benny Chan's latest film "SHAOLIN", which opens in Singapore cinemas 21 January.

Reportedly made with a production budget of nearly US$30 million, the Flick of the Week is nothing less of a promising Asian Chinese New Year blockbuster that is set to inspire minds and move hearts. Andy Lau's silver screen involvement adds a big cherry on top of the sinful icing, so it comes from us as highly recommended and not one to be missed.

Fans of Andy Lau will also be delighted with some details of his Singapore tour itinerary. SHAOLIN's Fan Meeting session is scheduled to be held at Main Atrium, Plaza Singapore, 7pm. Subsequently, the Singapore gala premiere red carpet, on the same day at 8pm, will also be graced by Andy Lau and Benny Chan at GV Vivocity.

But that's not the end of Asian star dazzle in Singapore.

Taiwanese music personality Jay Chou will also be promoting his latest movie "The Green Hornet" with co-star Seth Rogen and Director Michael Gondry in Singapore on 24 January. A morning press conference will be followed by the highly-awaited Meet-the-Fans session at Bugis Junction, 3pm. The film's gala premiere will also be held at The Cathay on the same evening.

The Green Hornet opens in Singapore cinemas 27 January.

On a side note, the highly acclaimed budget horror sci-fi "MONSTERS" is also set to hit the big screens this week. The film is so well-received that its Director, Cinematographer, Writer, Visual Effects Director, and Production Designer Gareth Edwards (you can see why it's a budget production) is already brought on to helm the remake of Japanese monster cult hit "GODZILLA", to be produced by Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures.

Other films opening this week are "Hereafter" and "Exorcismus".


  1. As a huge fan of martial arts and Andy Lau, I can't wait to see this one. Unfortunately, it won't be released on big screen here in my country, so I should wait for the DVD.

  2. @Nebular Oh, but not to worry! Usually Asian films hit DVD pretty fast. :)

  3. Shaolin is definitely my first choice to watch at cinema this weekend :) How bout you, J?

  4. @Jaccstev It's my Flick of the Week, I'm catching it first thing this weekend =D Looking forward to your opinion of it!


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