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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules [Review]

Opinion: B

Featuring some simplistic family ties that is light on the mind and high on laughter, you do get treated to some youthful moments that you might be in reminiscence of as an adult audience member. There's more engaging character interactions, especially between the Heffley brothers, and it ends off with a lesson that is beneficial to most families: Domestic harmony in bliss.

Greg Heffley (Zachary Gordon), the kid who made "wimpy" cool, is back in an all-new family comedy based on the best-selling illustrated novel by Jeff Kinney, one of a series that has thus far sold 28 million books. As he begins seventh grade, Greg tries to score points with a pretty new girl in school while honoring his mom's request to spend quality time with his older brother - and chief tormentor - Rodrick (Devon Bostick).

When it comes to being a wimpy kid who never ceases to amaze as the central attraction in this film, Zachary Gordon really fits the bill as Greg and pulls off quite a comfortable performance that is natural and enjoyable. The ability to build up an excellent plausible onscreen chemistry with Devon Bostick is essentially what becomes the true ingredient of success in my opinion, despite being of great annoyance initially.

Typically, the parents of such a scripted family are pretty much goofy stereotypical characters (which it is to a certain extent). I'm somewhat delighted by the Mom - Susan Heffley, played by Rachael Harris, because she sports a really unique personality despite being the common working sweet understanding mother of three boys. Usually, such roles are scripted in a way that always seem to turn me off.

But not that of Rachael Harris.

The story is easy to adhere to with a breezy pace, although it feels much like a feature length family TV comedy drama at times. But thanks to all the characters who drew all our attention spans (including the minor supporting casts), it was a good experience throughout that's filled with joy.

In addition, the film benefits from the animated doodling that is a signature of the illustrated novel series and gives it that much needed X-factor to allow it to stand out among its other similar genre offerings. Most of them enhance the storytelling effect visually and entertain the audience with a few hilarious drawing sequences.

Besides the focus on the brothers, there are also scenes of Greg's school days that highly reminds us of our adolescence. There's the BFF, the lame joker, the disgusting weirdo, the school belle, and of course the antagonising bully (who can forget the bullies?).

Probably appealing to the young adults and above, otherwise this makes a good comedy for families to indulge in with a thing or two to take home pertaining to domestic ties and friendship.


  1. Nice review. Our family really enjoyed "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules Movie". It was alot of fun and very enjoyable. You would be hard pressed not to laugh throughout this clever take on family relationships and growing up problems.

    As in the first movie, Zachary Gordon reprises his role of the main character (Greg Heffley). Zach does an excellent job making his character 3 dimensional and fun to watch. He is much more likeable in this movie than the first one and a fine, very natural young actor "to boot". An outstanding part of this movie is the relationship between the two brothers is really quite excellent. Devon Bostick who plays Rodrick Heffley does a good job and both young actors are very believable in their roles. Quite impressive for two young actors to have such great "on screen" presence. Rachel Harris steps up her characterization in this movie and Steve Zahn doesn't even have to speak to get the message across. Zahn, Gordon, and Bostick have incredible facial expressiveness which the director takes advantage of in this movie.

    For adults, the movie is sheer fun and step back into seeing a time that is easier to watch now than to have lived thru. I recommend this movie highly and for all ages. If you want a night of good entertainment, this is the ticket!

  2. Hi there!

    Firstly, thank you so much for visiting my site. I'm so glad you found this article to your liking.

    Very insightful thoughts you've shared, I pretty much share the same sentiments as you do. There's a few more novels in the series (correct me if I'm wrong) and let's hope they adapt it for film soon as Zachary and Devon will grow up REAL soon. Haha.

    Do drop by sometime for more film updates if you like!

  3. I absolutely loved the first film, though it was a bit too juvenile. I thought it was clever, quirky and thoroughly hilarious. I'm gonna check the sequel for sure, plus according to your nicely-written review, it's almost as good as its predecessor.

  4. @Nebular OH, despite so I've a feeling that the sequel will not be as good as the first in most people's eyes. But do share when you've watched it!

    Thank you George! :D


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