Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sucker Punch [Editor's Note]

Several happenings around the globe have struck and mostly leading to despair and agony, which is truly grieving for all of us and I sincerely hope that everything will turn out well. I pray for those in unfortunate situations and wish for a better fate for all victims of the Japanese disaster. Likewise for the Middle Eastern unrest, we hope that human rights will be observed and that the authorities will allow the civilians a deserving safe place to live in.

This week, Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch opens in great style and I think that this will be a huge hit at the cinemas this week. Depicting an alternate reality where the ill-fated female protagonists escape to in search of liberty and escapism, I thought this comes pretty appropriately as a film that might be of courageous inspiration for all of us.

Before it officially hits the theatres tomorrow, have a look at an inspired animated short: The Trenches.

Now as for my estranged disappearance from the film blogosphere, all I have to offer is my deepest and most sincere apology for not providing frequent updates as I should. Unknowingly entangled in a sophisticated web of hectic schedules, I was held captive for quite good span of time and almost lost myself in the frightening abyss. Sometimes I do feel like attempting a Michael Scofield but alas I lacked his brilliance. But fret not,

For I am back.

Not to sound really cheesy and mushy but, I do miss all my great film pals (you know who you are!) who never fail to visit this humble site of mine and provide their few cents worth of opinions that I've always held in high regards.

Fellow film blogosphere friends of mine, you're most welcome to drop your regards and reprimands here.

Let the movies begin.


  1. I second your sentiment on the Japanese crisis. It is truly horrific, and I share my deepest condolences.

    On another note, glad to have you back to the blogosphere! Hopefully, I'm going to see Sucker Punch this friday. Snyder is a talented visual artist.

  2. @Matty I can't wait to catch Sucker Punch as well as The Lincoln Lawyer, it opens today over my side. It's going to be Friday soon, will be checking out your opinion of it :D


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