Friday, 3 June 2011

The Fire Rises

Remember the previous Twitter viral hashtag (#TheFireRises) that brought about the earlier much hyped first look at Bane (as seen in the above image) from Christopher Nolan's upcoming The Dark Knight Rises that later was officially released in confirmation by Warner Bros.?

Well, that very account has recently uploaded a couple more confusing (but controversially intriguing) brief clips that we believe may or may not be a viral marketing effort by Warner Bros. It is undebatable that Director Nolan keeps a very tight leash on his film material and production development, just look at how much hype it rises within the entire film community and comic series fans whenever any potential screenplay leak rampages the World Wide Web?

Here's the new viral videos uploaded by TheFireRises:

This 18 seconds clip was most recently uploaded on May 30 and it may not seem much besides hinting at a possible Gotham Arkham Facility Breakout reported by Anthony Michael Hall that might be featured in Nolan's film. Well, if you watch carefully, there's a flashing reveal of a Facebook page URL that is also titled "The Fire Rises". As of now, there isn't much except of a posted image of a "Nixon" across Matthew Modine's portrait on its wall, whom several believe may possibly be one of Batman's villains.

Could he be Hugo Strange, for a starting guess?

The clip above was uploaded slightly earlier on May 28 and you get to see more sequences of a facility lockdown as men in neon orange jumpsuits seem to be nailed down under control, ending with a highway roving footage (that is supposedly Batman speeding around in Gotham?).

Both clips' origins are really controversially debatable, and we'll never know if these are truly part of a stealthy viral marketing campaign launched by Warner Bros. or if it's merely fan-induced excitement (some fanfare huh). But here's something that caught our attention, both the clips (if not all the clips uploaded by the user) featured the exact rowdy chant that is also heard on the official site of film (that has nothing but a creepy black screen with the said chant).

There is no way we can really catch what the chant says, but we're very sure that it's iconic to the film as it's a strong motif splashed across this viral marketing campaign (if it is verified by Warner Bros. that is).

What do you make of this?


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