Wednesday, 20 July 2011


The Amazing Spider-Man - First Trailer

In conjunction with the San Diego Comic-Con, an official trailer of The Amazing Spider-Man has been released!

To be honest, as someone who isn't into reboots, it was a little more than I'd expected as it wasn't as subtle and elusive as I'd thought it to be. Instead of a teasing one minute trailer, we get a two and a half minutes' worth of fan-pleasing first look. Without giving too much narrative hints away, we do know that it goes back to the origins and starts over. With most of us already treated to Sam Raimi's already incredible original back in 2002, it does leave a big void for Webb to show us his worth since the same story's probably sticking to the reboot as well. So it gets me curious to see what Webb has up his sleeves (less the web-shooters).

What really did get us thrilled was the first person sequence of Spider-Man doing his rounds downtown spinning webs and swinging to and fro the city.

That said, I shall just reign my horses of expectations in and cap them at a realistic level. After all, the fundamental rationale for a reboot is to, ehem, score greens.

You should have a feel for yourself and take a look at the trailer (credits due: Movie List) below:

The Amazing Spider-Man opens 3 July 2012, starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, and Martin Sheen. The franchise reboot is to be directed by Marc Webb and will also be available in 3D.

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  1. I loved this trailer. It looks like they have given Peter the edge he needs to be in the arena with Bruce Wayne. The first person was completely awesome.


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