Sunday, 24 July 2011

Hanna - Soundtrack

Joe Wright's impressive action thriller Hanna made its rounds this week here in local cinemas and guess what captivated the audience's attention span and left them breathless besides the authentic action choreography and the credible performance by Saoirse Ronan?

It's the original music featured in the film by The Chemical Brothers.

Moody, psychedelic, and heart-thumping. The Chemical Brothers managed to infuse so much mood and atmosphere within the feature film and made it so much more. There are tracks that remind one of childhood fairy tale memories that are slowly remixed into futuristic tempo and beats that befits the theme of Hanna.

The innocence begins with the very first track - "Hanna's Theme" and continues later in the form of "The Devil is in the Details", which happens to also reflect the quirky personality of one of the villains played by Tom Hollander. The whistle creates a motif that both Hanna and the audience can immediately identify with Hollander's character - The Big Bad Wolf hunting for Little Red Riding Hood.

Pumping up the volume and tempo during the film's action scenes are the fast-paced Electronica tracks such as my personal favourite "Bahnhof Rumble" that begins with a lurking sense of trouble before it explodes into the high-octane beats to get you into the mood for the exact same scene where Eric Bana's character confronts his assailants' ambush in an underground subway. "Container Park" is another similar track in feel, which you might like to hit play as you venture through the soundtrack listing.

Hear it from us, do check out the fabulous soundtrack of Hanna by The Chemical Brothers in the embedded playlist player below.

Track listing
  1. Hanna's Theme
  2. Escape 700
  3. Chalice 1
  4. The Devil is in the Details
  5. Mapsounds Chalice 2
  6. The Forest
  7. Quayside Synthesis
  8. The Sandman
  9. Marissa Flashback
  10. Bahnhof Rumble
  11. The Devil is in the Beats
  12. Car Chase (Arp Worship)
  13. Interrogation Lonesome Subway Grimms House
  14. Hanna vs. Marissa
  15. Sun Collapse
  16. Special Ops
  17. Escape Wavefold
  18. Isolated Howl
  19. Container Park
  20. Hanna's Theme (Vocal Version)

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