Friday, 22 July 2011

Paramount Pictures' acquired found-footage horror franchise sequel Paranormal Activity 3 has finally released a teaser trailer!

The first PA film really took us by storm with a fresh take on the weary horror genre with a "Blair Witch Project" style found-footage experience of a couple who'd troubles with spirits right within their house. The techniques used are aimed towards achieving realism as we never really get to see the spirits appearing blatantly on the silver screen.

While the second film also revolved around a couple, this time what really satisfied the audience was the shocking twist at the end. Much like the first that also featured a shocking revelation, it was a pleasant surprise that the second film's actually a prequel that took place just before the happenings in the first.

Now that PA3 is slated for a Halloween release later this year, it really gets me curious to see if they will continue the story right where the previous film left off. While nothing's been released on the story of Paranormal Activity 3, which is directed by Catfish directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman this time round, the newly released teaser trailer seems to hint that it will be rewinding back to the childhood of sisters Katie and Kristi for the third film as the footage is dated September 1988 (so that makes it a prequel to the prequel of the first film. Hmm.). As the trailer progresses, I didn't notice anything creepy or unusual until the "Bloody Mary" game. So do keep an eye on that scene.

Let's not ponder too much about it in an anticipatory attempt, we should really walk into the theatres this Halloween and allow ourselves to be shocked and surprised. Meantime, take a look at the trailer released by The Film Stage:

Paranormal Activity 3 will be released 20 October 2011 this Halloween.


  1. I cannot believe they are doing a third film. I saw the first and hated it. It was like one long, lame episode of the Discovery Channel's A Haunting. There was nothing realistic about it. All it was was unpaid interns making noises off camera, bad acting and a script by someone who clearly hasn't got a clue when it comes to horror. I did stuff like that growing up to tease my siblings. And that shocking ending was one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen. I was shrieking with laughter at the end and so was everyone else I saw the movie with.

  2. Also have published this new trailer here. This sequel is interesting to me with the backstory revealing the "Bloody Mary" game. And don't you think it's better to watch this sequel than spend another Halloween with another SAW film?

  3. @Melissa Oh, I see that you're not a fan of PA. This reminds of me of some of my friends who've also mentioned that they found the first film laughable. I didn't watch the first film until about a year after its theatrical release on DVD, but I thought it kinda gripped my attention and worked for me. Your opinion confirmed that it isn't exactly the crowd-pleaser that I'd thought it to be, really nice to hear it from your end.

    Thanks Melissa! And have a great weekend too! :)

    @Jaccstev Well, I guessed it worked for you on the contrary to Melissa. LOL! I was a fan of the FIRST Saw film, and maybe the second. After that it kinda got a little out of hand for me. But I agree with you, this Halloween, I should be going for PA3 (are there other horror releases during this Halloween as well?) to just shake myself up a little.

    Thanks for the share Jaccstev! So glad to hear from you :)

  4. Thanks my friend, you have an awesome weekend as well. Before I forget, as far as horror, there's the Fright Night reboot in August as well as a prequel to John Carpenter's The Thing coming out in September. It explains what happened at the Norwegian camp which had been decimated at the start of the film.


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