Wednesday, 27 July 2011


The Viral Factor - Teaser Trailer

After hearing news of Jay Chou filming in Malaysia sometime back, the interest in Dante Lam's upcoming production THE VIRAL FACTOR gets us back into hype with its first teaser trailer released!

Starring Taiwanese singing personality Jay Chou and Award-winning Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse, The Viral Factor gives us more than what the two mentioned superstar names have to offer. Shot on location in Jordan, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, this bio-threat counter-terrorism film might be Lam's biggest production to date.

Lam's previous works are mostly stylised gritty and moral-questioning films that boast credible acting by its cast, such as Beast Cops, Fire of Conscience, and The Stool Pigeon. So there's every bit of rationale behind the justified hype that we see present within us now. We see lots of high-octane action sequences saturated with gunfires and explosions, as well as the warm hued shots of Jordan where The Hurt Locker was also filmed.

Before you watch the teaser trailer for yourself below, do check out one of the production's supporting cast/stuntman Emerson Wong's account on his involvement in the project here if you're interested as well.

The Viral Factor is slated for a Chinese New Year release in 2012, starring Jay Chou, Nicholas Tse, Lin Peng, and Bai Bing.

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