Thursday, 11 August 2011


Coriolanus - Trailer

Ralph Fiennes (or otherwise recently known as Lord Voldemort) has been a great actor of an amazing calibre whose works have often left us in awe. His mostly villain role performance have been somewhat consistent and it isn't easy being the bad guy all the time and yet be remembered for a long time.

With Fiennes set for his directorial debut with the feature film adaptation of the Shakespeare play Coriolanus, we are more than delighted to see him take on the title role as well. Besides, Fiennes isn't a stranger to Shakespeare after having been involved in a few theatrical plays prior.

Written by John Logan, whose track record career lists Sweeney Todd, The Aviator, The Last Samurai, and Gladiator as past success stories, we are sure this will turn out to be quite a mouthful for the characters to thrash out war against one another in this war-filled drama thriller. This is prominent in the newly released trailer that you'll see in the embedded player at the end of this article.

After giving the trailer our first look, its intense drama and action driven by a heavy dose of raging emotions indeed fulfill the theme of the Shakespeare play. We don't usually indulge in trailers, but this one warrants quite a few more repeated looks and will surely keep you in anticipation for its release later this year.

Here's the trailer, have a look and see if you agree with us:

Coriolanus is directed and acted by Ralph Fiennes and also stars Gerald Butler, Brian Cox, Jessica Chastain, and Vanessa Redgrave. It is shot in Serbia and Montenegro and is slated for a December 2011 release in the US.


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