Wednesday, 17 August 2011


The Woman In Black - Trailer

The first teasing trailer of UK spooky horror The Woman In Black has just hit the web exclusively on Yahoo! Movies.

First impression after the first viewing translates into adjectives along the lines of atmospheric, chilling, and spooky. Indeed, the trailer hints of a Gothic classic horror flick and does what a good trailer offers - just an atmospheric feel and not give too much away. Arguably, there's a few sequences that might have been minor plot giveaways, but that's only if you look hard into it.

Based on the novel by Susan Hill,  The Woman In Black seems to be attacking our senses on various fronts via good play of space and creating horror motifs with childhood toys such as dolls and clowns. You get to see a brief glimpse of what the lead ghost is like, who's supposedly haunting the house that the male lead lawyer visits.

Directed by James Watkins, who has broken through with his previous horror feature Eden Lake, is once again back in the spooky business and seems to have the potentials of delivering the hair-stands with The Woman In Black. Also notably on the crew credit list is Screenwriter Jane Goldman, who had co-wrote the recent X-Men: First Class and 2010's Kick-Ass. She is also co-writing the script of the upcoming espionage thriller The Debt that stars Helen Mirren.

Clearly, there's no doubt about the script and I find it promising that it's in the hands of Watkins.

Starring Daniel Radcliffe, this gives a very good idea of Radcliffe's next stepping stone of his career path right after the end of the decade-long Harry Porter saga. The leading role that might involve some intense exercise of drama and horror acts feels apt for Radcliffe, but of course we'll only get to know more after watching it.

Watch the teaser trailer for yourself and feel free to share on what you think of it:

The Woman In Black is directed by James Watkins and is slated for a February 2012 release in both the UK and the US. Starring Daniel Radcliffe and CiarĂ¡n Hinds.


  1. Judging from the trailer, I think that we've seen it all before. However, it looks stylish, atmospheric and somewhat creepy.

    And.... hey, look, Harry Potter's in it! That's what kids would say. :)

  2. @Nebular LOL! Yes, and without glasses too. After hearing what you said, yes there's indeed films that went along similar feels in the past. I was hoping that with a strong screenwriting credit, the story will enhance this more than just another creepy film.

    Thanks for sharing what you think of this George! :)

  3. Loved the gothic atmosphere. I hope it can be nearly as good as Tim Burton's "Sleepy Hollows".


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