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Mayday 3DNA [Review]

Opinion: B+
This may appear to be a 3D live concert film, but it's the fuse of the concert element into a fictitious weave of 3 subplots that made this so much more. Surprisingly, you get well scripted and acted subplots in a film that is intended for a music showcase. Music is well-received via cinematic 5.1 surround sound system and also to the credit of sound supervisor Tu Du-Chih. Mayday 3DNA is indeed a unique experience that transcends beyond just a 90 minute live concert ambience to inspire fans and non-fans.

Billed as a "concept film" MAYDAY 3DNA combines play from the group's DNA concert tour in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and China 2010 and interweaves that with three fictional stories. The fictional sequences include a vignette about a Guangzhou father and daughter; another about a Taiwan taxi driver and passenger; and a third about a Shanghai delivery boy. All are affected by the lure of a Mayday gathering and the three separate stories intersect at one particular Mayday concert in Shanghai.

Mayday 3DNA will be an interesting film to talk about.

Simply because it's not purely a live concert film and it's not exactly a narrative film in whole. It takes the live concert event and embeds it at the core of three subplots revolving around it. Not only does it offer more to audiences who may or may not be fans of Mayday (I'm not, for example), it also enhances the film as a whole to become a new genre offering. Mayday 3DNA could have very well been a full-on 90 minutes live concert affair that only caters to fans.

I guess story is still king when it comes to cinema.

Even songs are inspired by stories or past experiences, which isn't too shocking to see how Mayday 3DNA is willing to take some concert numbers out to allow characters like Rene Liu, Richie Ren, and Lam Suet, to share some limelight.

Each of these actors had their share of screen time and made very good use of it to impress and influence. You may see these three sub tales as short stories that reside in various parts of urban cities in Hong Kong and China. There is a tale of a father and daughter, a tale of two strangers who fell out of love, a tale of a biking messenger who is intent on fulfilling his late sister's wish.

Not connected to one another and very differing stories.

Despite so, we somehow feel that these stories aren't that strange to one another with Mayday's concert at the heart of each tale. Music is such an amazing miracle, it's a singular abstract entity of pre-composed notes but it translates into various intrinsic meanings to different people.

Try not to see the film about Mayday's concert and try seeing Mayday's songs as a moving soundtrack to the film.

We hope this will be a start for more such films to come, it also proves that genre offerings aren't as limited as we think. Films don't have to be conventional narratives scripted by filmmakers. Each of the 3 segments opens without a beginning and ends without a conclusion, merely snippets of the characters' lives. There isn't much of a plot continuity, so to speak. All we need is some creativity and good ideas/stories to share.

In this case, great music helps a lot too.


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