Thursday, 29 December 2011

Our 2011 Reflection

Barely just under 2 days' worth of 2011 left. I hope the Holiday season's treating each one of you well enough for you to enjoy thoroughly without any mental stress and woes lingering (do understand that hard partying would and should induce physical fatigue and stress).

That said, we on our end are about to close our 2nd year into everything film. I'm beginning to get all emotional and nostalgic, therefore the sudden prompting of a random question in my mind:

How's SON:sation in the eyes of its readers (if any)?

SON:sation began sharing film content less than 2 years ago in 2010, which rightfully makes us the "new kid of the block" in the vast online film community. That's right, it's a community. Not an industry, not a focused group, not even a blogosphere in my opinion. I love the community.

Friends whom had firmly supported SON:sation throughout, mostly whom I've not met in person (which is a pity, I must add. Really would have loved to catch up with them if not for geographical differences), had driven us further to inspire creating and sharing of more content everything film.

That said, I must admit that SON:sation doesn't feature some of the best film review penning style and technique and also isn't comprehensive in terms of film genres and content type coverage. We rarely get to attend conferences, festivals, interview prominent filmmakers and actors (trust me, been ever striving to achieve these), but we do keep up in sharing more in other forms like film opinions and interesting film highlights that I hope was of keen interest to some of you.

Despite our shortcomings, I do hope that each of you who's reading this reflective note of mine will choose to stay anchored with us and I personally look forward to hosting all of you (if not more of you) here at SON:sation.

There's lots to catch up and I'll strife to do better as you deserve better. After all, your online site-surfing time is precious and nobody likes to waste it. Hope that SON:sation was worth your time in 2011 and I'd love to see you back here in the coming new year.

Party hard and have a wonderful new year!


  1. "SON:sation doesn't feature some of the best film review penning style and technique" - Well, I disagree. In my book, you're one of the most capable movie reviewers I know, and considering English is not your first language, it's even more impressive!

    You need a big confidence boost, buddy! You're site is pure awesomeness, and your reviews are spot on. Do not ever give up on this and keep up the fantastic work. We need you here. :)

  2. @Nebular Likewise George I'd also need you around to guide me on genres that I'm not familiar with, such as horror. Thanks for the encouragement, I think I've done fairly well but could try better. So stick around because I'd like to see more of you here in 2012! :D

    Oh yes, of course I'd also be visiting CineMarvellous more in the new year too :)

  3. I love your site very much and I think that you off some of the most balanced and thoughtful reviews out there. You can bet I will be sticking around. I know I have not been the most consistent of commenters, but I intend to remedy that in 2012. You'll be seeing a lot more of me and my big mouth, er keyboard. :)

    Here's to bigger and better this new year and all good things for you at Son:sation.


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