Wednesday, 21 December 2011


When You Find Me

Not denying it, the prior Canon C300 launch event had a lot of filmmakers in hype over what it bodes for the future of filmmaking. Canon stepped bravely into the arena not with a brand new dedicated camera and a range of system accessories (i.e. lens), but they've also set up a Canon Hollywood Professional Technology and Support Center to further substantiate their dedicated intentions.

Canon had also commissioned several works to allow various filmmakers to test what the C300 was potentially capable of. One of such projects that caught my attention is the short film produced by Ron Howard and directed by his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard (as seen in "50/50" and "The Help") - "When You Find Me". What I can say for now is:


While the C300 is currently somewhat unattainable with my pocket's shallow depth, but the videos showcasing the capabilities of the C300 are really teasing us hard. Technical performance aside, will also like to draw your attention to its content. I know Howard's short is close to half an hour (which is considerably long for an online video content), but find some time with patience. It's worth it.

Have a look for yourself and share your opinions with us on what you think of it (both of the film and the capabilities of the Canon C300 are welcome!)

And here's the "behind the scenes" for those who're interested as well:


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